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Project Office


The Project Office was implemented by the  Board in 1992. The purpose of the Project Office, led by Bill Hanson, is to come alongside ABWE missionaries and assist them with the master planning and building of churches, schools, hospitals, seminary buildings, ministry camps and other ministry related facilities. The Project Office has the responsibility of overseeing projects to protect Donors funds, make sure buildings are built with structural integrity, safety and within budget. All of this while focusing on carrying the Gospel to the lost around the globe through the various building projects we’re involved in.  We’ve also discovered this process helps keep the missionary focused on their Ministry and buildings are completed much quicker, thereby, getting the missionary and nationals in their building facility sooner to advance the Gospel.

Following are the services available through the ABWE Project Office.

Professional assistance in:

·         Feasibility studies, comparing options

·         Site evaluations

·         Site planning and development

·         Master planning of a complete project

·         Facility design

·         Project process facilitation

·         Permitting

·         Utility problems (water, waste, electrical generation, etc.)

·         Structural analysis

·         Engaging local professionals

Construction services:

·         Professional on-site building project management

·         Hiring and engaging in country local contractors and professionals

·         Enlisting volunteer building teams when appropriate – single/multiple, large/small, for building or related projects.

Standby specialty resource people, available through the project office:

·         Architects

·         Civil and structural engineers

·         Electrical engineers

·         Structural failure liability issues

·         Evaluating and engaging contractors and vendors

·         Land surveyors


Presently the Project Office has over 50 building projects in 23 different counties totaling over $35 million dollars. The need for ministry professional personnel is an integral part of the ABWE Project Office Ministry.